In the northern part of Istria, above the Mirna River valley, is located surely the most famous and attractive Istrian medieval town of Motovun - Montona whose panoramic view is one of the famous symbols of Istrian interior. Motovun has been a very attractive and popular tourist destination for a long time, unavoidable almost for all visitors of the Istrian peninsula.


The view from the walls of Motovun is unforgettable: The richness of colors and beauty in all four seasons, idyllic view of the vineyards, Mirna valley, forest St. Mark ...  View ranges from the most Istrian mountain Ucka all the way to the sea near Novigrad.


However, a look at Motovun is equally fascinating. The town is surrounded by strong stone walls that really look like they were built by good giant Veli Joze - the hero of the famous eponymous novella. One of the most beautiful views of Motovun stretches from the village Kaldir, located on a hill five kilometers southeast of Motovun.


The mild climate of Kaldir is good for agriculture, especially fruit growing, which grows a number of households around Kaldir. Thanks to them Kaldir became the most famous fruit-growing region in Istria, and Kaldirstina provides almost 70 percent of fruit production in Istria. In this area together manage continental varieties: apples, plums, pears, peaches and apricots, and Mediterranean varieties: olives, figs and cherries, and near destination can be found even truffles.



The underground mushrooms (often aphrodisiac) in recent years has become one of the symbols of Istria. Of course, it is about the truffle,  and the most famous truffles area is in Istria Motovun forest (forest St. Mark's), which stretches along the Mirna River valley. Istrian white truffles are so good quality as the finest Italian and French truffles. The Livade, a small village at the foot of Motovun, which is often called the world center of truffles, organized every year a special festival with a selection of the largest truffle.

But fruit and truffle hunting are not the only advantages of this area. Istria was recently ranked among the top ten wine regions in the world, and the main advantages of the Istrian viticulture can be seen exactly in Motovun: widespread vineyards from which the finest Istrian wines are made - white Malvasia and red wine Teran.



Villa Benvenuti belongs to the family with this name , well known for its wine production in Croatia and all over the world.  Nearby Kaldir they cultivate three indigenous varieties - Istrian Malvasia, Teran and Muscat. Family values and traditions are a main "spice" of  Benvenuti wines and the foundation of wine production in which varietal reflects the wealth of vineyards, situated on a series of specific micro-locations. The result of the focus on micro-location and indigenous varieties - with a dedicated and honest work - on the market are recognized and award-winning wines.


For full enjoy of wine Benvenuti is necessary to meet the area of which they say so much - territory on which, and from which we live, transfer to any wine lover. Ideally we will do it among mature grapes of our vineyards, cellar, tasting room, or even, accommodation for those guests who wants to enjoy in Benvenuti wines and experience it more than one day.

For those looking for active sports and recreational holiday, the surroundings of Motovun goes part of the route of the old railway Parenzana, rearranged for cycling and hiking trails that connected Trieste and Porec.

Get a new experience through a unique ride on a tourist train over roads of historical Parenzana.

Pogled na Motovun zasigurno će Vas oduševiti. Ne samo pogled, već i mirisi, okusi i ostali doživljaji…



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